I [will] do less whenever I shall believe what I am doing hurts the cause, and 

I [will] do more whenever I shall believe doing more will help the cause. 

I [will] try to correct errors when shown to be errors; and 

I [will] adopt new views so fast they appear to be true views.

— Abraham Lincoln

Should Roe fall, William will vote in favor of legislation that codifies a woman’s right to access reproductive healthcare into law. 

W.E.B. Du Bois made the argument in his book titled The Souls of Black Folk published in 1903 that “While it is a great truth to say that the Negro must strive and strive

In the world of science there is an adage that goes something like this: You never prove anything; you just assimilate relative information and report the findings. 

From the findings, most scientists can begin making correlations and start the process of drawing con-

Ambitious individuals experience far too many barriers when journeying toward upward mobility in the United States.  This is especially true when it comes to seeking the intellectual knowledge or trade skill that a person needs to be more prosperous within an occupation.

WE WILL: support our families.

Developing high quality childcare programs and expanding early childhood development opportunities has become a national necessity.  The high cost of food, housing and essential services demands that most US households are supported by multiple income earners.  Children cannot be the casualty of financial burden or limit professional opportunity.  Mothers and fathers in America must be supported and hold the freedom to contribute as productive members of society. 

 Every American should expect their leadership to fight for the right of everyone to participate fully in society.  With regular interactions of diverse populations America will continue to develop its own rich culture, expand its empathy, become less conscious of difference and more aware of the implications of our policy and action.

As America has witnessed healthcare become one of the nation’s most profitable industries, we have simultaneously watched the overall health of our communities begin to fail.  This decline is caused by a lack of better, more affordable healthcare.   

Americans are being drugged to death in astonishing numbers and big pharma – a conglomeration of large, private pharmaceutical companies – is celebrating making a killing.  For far too long, the US Government has been sponsoring innovations in medicine.  This sponsorship comes in the form of national health agencies, funding of public universities, and research grants.  Yet the payouts for these investments are largely going to big pharma. 

 Insurance companies and medical administrators have successfully restricted market access to health care by limiting the number of doctors and nurses graduating each year.  By doing this they have allowed the [patient :  provider] ratio to reach sickening levels.

With use of new energy technologies, thoughtful infrastructure development, and considered policy, the United States will strive toward protecting our planet and outdoor treasures.

WE WILL: support a strong military which models American values.

It is not enough to just make investments in infrastructure and stand with our forces.  America must also place an emphasis on displays that allow character to be modeled.  U.S. ground forces represent the United States throughout the world.  These men and women are collectively the nation’s largest body of ambassadors.  The world

does not doubt America’s ability to inflict devastating pain.  Shouldn’t the world also hold an equal conviction toward the compassion and good that American ethics represent.          

WE WILL: reassert American leadership

By working with other nations in the promotion of democratic values.  These relationships will focus on cooperation, peace, and diplomatic solutions. The expectation will be that by building trust, conflict will be prevented and long-term national security fortified.  If these efforts should fail, we will have buttressed our military power through the extension of supportive governments and be better able to undertake crisis-management operations. 

Often the failure of an institution is not the result of an inability to successfully carry out the task assigned but, instead, leadership’s inability to define the correct task.  Given law enforcement is the target of much debate at the moment, let’s use policing to illustrate the point. Since the terror attacks of 9/11 and the dawning of a prolific number of mass shootings, national leadership began calling for and funding the militarization of police departments to “protect” the public.

Declaring that a core value of our society is economic independence will serve as a North Star statement allowing for policymaking with the intent of building a stronger economy that allows everyone to get ahead.

We will not treat refugees or those who seek to expand their knowledge as enemies but greet them with compassion and humanity.

WE WILL: secure elections from corruption and foreign interference.

Past generations recognized the clear and apparent dangers imposed on democracy when, for all practical purposes, a company holds monopoly of a commodity.  In response, America litigated the issue and adopted strict antitrust laws with the intent of promoting competition in business.  In the time since, businesses have been allowed to develop in scope outside the controls traditionally enjoyed by the people of a true democracy.