Even when we fall short of our highest ideals, we will never stop trying to build a more perfect union.

  • Protecting workers and their families. 
  • Investing in engines of job creation across America. 
  • Raising wages and promoting workers’ rights. 
  • Promoting a fair system of international trade. 
  • Putting homeownership in reach / guaranteeing safe housing. 
  • Reforming the Tax Code to benefit working families. 
  • Stopping Wall Street abuses. 
  • Tackling Corporate concentration. 
  • Protecting consumer rights and privacy. 
  • Guaranteeing a dignified retirement. 
  • Securing Universal Health Care through a public option. 
  • Taking on the pharmaceutical industry to bring down drug prices. 
  • Reducing health care costs while improving health care quality by: 
  • Expanding access to mental health and substance use treatment. 
  • Expanding long-term care services and support. 
  • Eliminating racial, gender, and geographic health inequities by: 
  1. Protecting Native American health. 
  2. Securing reproductive health rights. 
  3. Promoting maternal health. 
  4. Protecting LGBTQ+ health. 
  • Strengthening the health care workforce. 
  • Investing in health science and research. 
  • Protecting Americans’ Civil Rights. 
  • Achieving racial equity. 
  • Protecting Women’s rights. 
  • Protecting LGBTQ+ rights. 
  • Protecting disability rights. 
  • Honoring Indigenous Tribal Nations. 
  • Ending violence against women. 
  • Ending the epidemic of gun violence. 
  • Supporting faith and service. 
  • Supporting press freedom. 
  • Supporting the arts and culture. 
  • Protecting voting rights. 
  • Reforming the campaign finance system. 
  • Increasing transparency in the Federal Government. 
  • Giving the citizens of Washington D.C. full and equal representation. 
  • Supporting the U.S. Territories. 
  • Strengthening the U.S. Postal Service. 
  • Guaranteeing universal early childhood education. 
  • Supporting high-quality K-12 schools. 
  • Making higher education affordable and accessible. 
  • Providing relief for borrowers with crushing student debt. 
  • Revitalizing American diplomacy. 
  • Transforming our armed forces to secure our competitive edge. 
  • Mobilizing the world to address: 
  1. Global health and pandemics. 
  2. Climate change. 
  3. Nonproliferation. 
  4. Terrorism. 
  5. Human Rights. 
  • Advancing Americas interest. 

We will strengthen our democracy, we will redress the systemic injustices that have long plagued our society, we will heal our nation’s deepest wounds, we will give hate no safe harbor, we will build a more perfect union.