WE WILL: provide healthcare for all Americans.

Insurance companies and medical administrators have successfully restricted market access to health care by limiting the number of doctors and nurses graduating each year.  By doing this they have allowed the [patient :  provider] ratio to reach sickening levels.  Insurers and corporate administrators have gamed the system to create inappropriate demand, as they hide behind HIPAA, they are exuberantly increasing prices, blocking vulnerable and ill individuals from the care they deserve, and charging those who are most able what they can for the illusion of what everyone needs – good health. 

Medical professionals often enter this broken system when they are just reaching adulthood, often a bit cloudy eyed to the ways of the world, but regularly with the belief they will be providing humanitarian

services.  Unfortunately, they often end up stuck in the middle of corporate bureaucracy, pressured to focus on profit, not quality care. Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals overwhelmingly want to provide good care, and we want more of these compassionate people.  So, We Will: fight to open more seats at medical school, expand allied health training programs, and recognize more institutions for medical intern and residency studies.  COVID has illustrate with remarkable efficacy that we can find more spaces to place beds, but those beds are useless without smart and caring people able to provide the care we all deserve.