I’ve seen that spirit raising.

While President Barack Obama was addressing America at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, he recognized the young people emerging in leadership roles as his comments began:

The Constitution calls for a timely, routine, and orderly exchange of Congressional office.

Is it appropriate to allow the passive ordination of a Senator through the act of continuous and successive reelection?  Strict legal interpretation of the Constitution seems to

Why do incumbent politicians try to typecast “qualified candidates”?

Having developed his talents, tried his virtues, and developed practical insight into his own wants and duties, William Barlow, III, has surpassed all requirements that ensure experience, knowledge and maturity prescribed by Article I, section 3 of the United States Constitution.

Symbols have meaning, so what is the story behind William’s image.

Inspired by four of the five signatories of the United State Constitution who held the common name of William, Mr. Barlow, III, incorporated the standard shorthand of September 17, 1787, “Wm” into his logo and website domain.  William did this in an effort to keep this guiding document forever prevalent

and to remind our nation that the Constitution must continue to be the guiding document of government — not the whims or doctrine of major political parties.

The United States functions absent a ruling King or Queen, yet aristocratic analogs are running the House and Senate.

Oligarchs around the world are seizing power by removing term limits, poisoning adversaries, and contesting established geographical borders.  The United States of America and its officials must maintain the moral authority won through the great sacrifice and expense of previous generations.

America must remain united, free from jealousy and organized around the greater good.

William is committed to policies and behaviors that support equitable communities.  Inspired by historic figures of importance and their writing,

What do separate conversations about censorship and cancel culture reveal about Americans’ sense of belonging.

The First Amendment established the right of freedom of speech.  Embedded in the amendment is the term “redress of grievances”.  William believes this term is often misinterpreted