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VOLUNTEERS WANTED! If you are willing to post a sign, poll the public, pass out flyers, knock on doors, distribute promotional materials or organize a rally WE NEED YOU! 

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People trust a voice they know. Face-to-face or virtual communications via internet activities are great ways to start a conversation.

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Commit to fresh leadership and contribute to remaking the world as it should be through a generous donation. The giving of your dollars today will be returned with change.

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Holding a campaign-related event in your home with 15 to 30 of your friends is a fun way to support William without making a contribution.

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Dollars Trickle Down to Change

America is begging for change. Yet the 2020 election cycle left the overall makeup of the congressional body largely unaltered.  Why?  Because Washington insiders and Cooperate PAC’s stand together for crony capitalism. 

America must revive democratic principles, demonstrate that power in America is held by the people not political elites, and stand united with William in a call for fresh leadership.  Commit to a new generationcontribute to remaking the world as it should be, and make a financial pledge to stand united with William at this moment.  The giving of your dollars today will be returned with change.