William will follow in the footsteps of celebrated national leadership.

With kinship to America’s first president George Washington and to Merriweather Lewis, the lead explorer of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, William Barlow, III, is committed to continuing in his cousins’ legacies of spirited leadership while remaining committed to the enduring quest of a more perfect union.

How does William’s background differ from the 116th Congress, and why it makes him better qualified to serve as U.S. Senator.

William Barlow, III, is a graduate of the Department of Science at Oregon State University. His General Science degree has prepared him to consider empirical information in a discerning manner.  While his academic success was largely recognized through his ability to comprehend the details of the traditional hard sciences, William found great joy exploring the fundamentals of psychology and sociology.  This combination of the hard sciences coupled with the social sciences provides William a unique educated perspective when compared to the educational and occupational backgrounds of the 116th Congress. 

In comparison to William’s core of studies in the sciences, the CQ New Members Guide of the 116th Congress records that 53 Senators hold law degrees and 19 Senators were previous congressional staffers.  Since a growing body of evidence supports the conclusion that Congress suffers from a lack of productive leadership, it seems prudent to question the appropriateness of this modern phenomenon of informally assigning a Judicial Degree or entrenched institutional relationship as a prerequisite to holding office.  William is concerned that legislating through litigation is the preference of Senators holding law degrees and threatens to undermine the spirt of our democracy.

State of Oregon DCBS

William was appointed by Governor Kate Brown to assist the director of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services administer the state’s electrical and elevator programs described in ORS 479 and ORS 460.  As an Electrical and Elevator Board member, William also participates in the oversight of licensing and enforcement of these programs.

City of McMinnville

While serving the City of McMinnville through its Enrichment Services Advisory Committee, commonly known as the MAC PAC, William enjoyed considering how to remove barriers that stand between the delivery of services within diverse communities.  It is William’s belief that the richness of a community cannot simply be built from good architecture but is born from spirited facilities that value inclusion and are welcoming of differences.

Founder and CEO

After founding 18 Oaks Sign Company, one of the Pacific Northwest’s premier visual communication companies, William established relationships with both local businesses and Fortune 500 companies.  In recognition of the company culture William has created and the innovative work his firm has produced, William was honored to be named by the nationally distributed industry journal Signs of the Times Magazine.  Nominated by members of his own industry, William was recognized as a “Leader of Tomorrow”.  Through his work at 18 Oaks, William has been instrumental in helping countless business startups prepare for their grand openings and has been an active participant in the expansion of many other companies.  William holds a humble sense of pride in knowing his operation has supported a vast amount of economic growth along with the creation of many new jobs.

Oregon State University

A graduate from the Department of Science at Oregon State University with a degree in general science William seeks and assimilates empirical evidence for the purpose of decision making.  William is cautiously aware that correlation does not equate to causation but trusts that when an overwhelming amount of evidence supports the same conclusion, that conclusion should not be dismissed on the principles of faith alone.

Oregon Health and Science University

While conducting research with the Clinical Research Investigative Studies Program in the emergency department of Oregon Health and Science University, William enjoyed interacting with patients within the intimacy of a medical setting.  The firsthand exposure to this hospital setting helped to mature William’s understanding of medical institutions and stimulated his interest in ferreting out variables that could affect the conclusion of scientific study.

Rotary International

Standing side-by-side with fellow Rotarians, William has poured his passion, integrity and intelligence into completing projects with Rotary International that promote peace, fight disease, provide clean water, save mothers and children, supports education and grows local economies.

Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce, William has been active in promoting small businesses, bringing economic opportunity to local communities, creating good job opportunities and promoting community involvement.