WE WILL: expand the ADA to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ and other communities that experience regular discrimination.

Every American should expect their leadership to fight for the right of everyone to participate fully in society.  With regular interactions of diverse populations America will continue to develop its own rich culture, expand its empathy, become less conscious of difference and more aware of the implications of our policy and action. 

Readers of Andrew Solomon’s book Far from the Tree are challenged to think critically about topics that American culture has traditionally categorized as disabilities” and/or “life limitations” deafness, blindness, dwarfism, Down’s syndrome, atypical sexual preference.  

Simply categorizing “disabilities: and/or “life limitations” devalues everyone. Categorically all lives are worthy of living differences make American culture rich and full of inspiration.  Leaders must unite society and fight for individual rights. We must make every effort to validate each unique life.  America will celebrate when reasonable accommodations become common place and policmakers choose to make love the cherished value.