WE WILL: achieve social justice by defending and expanding our cherished civil rights and liberties.

W.E.B. Du Bois made the argument in his book titled The Souls of Black Folk published in 1903 that “While it is a great truth to say that the Negro must strive and strive mightily to help himself, it is equally true to say that unless his striving be not simply seconded, but rather aroused and encouraged by the initiative of the richer and wiser environing group, he cannot hope for great success.” 

Whether it is only a small minority grouping or the majority of society that believes that social inequalities exist, or that the consequences 

of certain public policies are being properly correlated, America cannot allow for the disenfranchisement of a single person regardless of whether they are white, brown or black, male or female, gay, straight, transgender or queer.  We will defend and arouse opportunity by championing Women’s rights, ensuring the richer encourage equitable pay, and asking the wiser environing group to respectfully work toward the elimination of racial stereotypes and bias.