Start a Conversation

If America stands a chance of living up to its promise of providing opportunity for all, William needs you to lend him your voice.  Facetoface is a great way to start the conversation with those you are near.  However, it is likely you will not have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with everyone you know.  That is okay, Federal Election Campaign rules allow uncompensated individuals to engage in certain voluntary internet activities for the purpose of influencing an election.  Sending or forwarding email and providing a hyperlink to are permissible activities.    

 If you are a corporation or labor organization, you may engage in certain types of communications to your restricted class provided you follow the guidelines contained in the FEC regulations.  You may produce and distribute publications that endorse or solicit funds for William (as long as the publications are not reproductions of Williams campaign materials and you do not actually collect the funds).  You may endorse or solicit funds for William through an e-mail directed solely to members of your restricted class. Likewise, you may set up a web page, accessible only by your restricted class, which may contain express advocacy or solicitations. Note that in either case your organization may not actually collect the funds but may provide the address of William to which contributions may be sent.  You may request William make an appearance before your restricted class and He may solicit and accept contributions before, during or after the appearance.  You may run voter drives and phone banks urging your restricted class to vote for William or to register with a particular party.