WE WILL: enforce antitrust laws.

Past generations recognized the clear and apparent dangers imposed on democracy when, for all practical purposes, a company holds monopoly of a commodity.  In response, America litigated the issue and adopted strict antitrust laws with the intent of promoting competition in business.  In the time since, businesses have been allowed to develop in scope outside the controls traditionally enjoyed by the people of a true democracy.  It is necessary that the rules and regulations that protect greater society are enforced.  At no time in history has this been of more vital concern than it is today.  Presently, corporations are violating antitrust laws.  More alarming still, they

are no longer simply asserting control over single commodities like oil, or steel.  The monopolies of today are seizing control of many of our basic freedoms.  Commerce is being funneled through an internet behemoth, a social media platform is beginning to control speech through the editing of content on its platform, a single search engine controls the right to an algorithm that ranks the relevance of 90% of all information an individual has access to, and a bio-engineering firm controls the right of farmers to plant the seeds that supply Americas stock of food.